AGL 177: Leading with Alex Kuhn

About Alex

Alex Kuhn, Leadership Mentor and founder of Born to Lead, helps impact-driven entrepreneur start, grow & lead 6,7 & 8 figure businesses. Over the past three years, 200+ clients have at least doubled their business in 12 months, with his clients generating more than $30m. Featured in Entrepreneur™, he regularly writes and speaks to 10k+ entrepreneurs weekly on the topics of aligned leadership, business flow, and resonance marketing. Having failed in his first 3 ventures, the key for him and his clients has been discovering their SuccessDNA™, or learning how to build the business model around the leaders unique, innate leadership gifts. He wants every big vision, heart-led entrepreneur to know they are not that far off and to never forget they were born to lead a legacy.

Today We Talked About

  • Alex’s background
  • Family First
  • Culture
  • Swimming and discipline
  • Goal Setting
  • KPIs and Objectives
  • Vision
  • Tribe
  • Philosophy
  • Success DNA

Connect With Alex

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