AGL 311: Identity Management with Kevin Dominik Korte

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May 5, 2023
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AGL 311: Identity Management with Kevin Dominik Korte

kevin Korte

About Kevin

Kevin Dominik Korte is a Board Member and IT Innovation & Growth Strategist with a proven track record of harnessing commercial acumen with finance expertise to deliver large-scale digital transformation programs with a strong focus on Identity Management and open-source IT infrastructure solutions.

One of his key strengths is assisting with strategy formulation, product innovation, and development to build a solid customer base for the growth of new market segments. He nurture strong relationships with high-profile industry players and key partners, articulating the organizational mission, values, and strategies to generate and sustain industry interest and secure corporate and individual support.

In his most recent executive role with Univention, a privately held software company, he established the first overseas subsidiary. Kevin placed Univention as an industry leader in the IT governance and Identity Management space, transforming sales and direct marketing to showcase the value and benefits of core products and introducing targeted material with a clear, consistent message demonstrating measurable benefits.

Kevin currently serve on the Board of Advisors for a business community B2B funder, helping to future-proof strategic IT decisions, and as Treasurer for the Jacobs University Foundation of America, his alma mater’s fundraising organization, where they have implemented investment strategies to increase the annual rate of return growth by 75%.

Kevin is considered a thought leader in his field and have written articles for a wide range of professional bodies and hosted many Finance Industry roundtable events. He is an active Toastmaster, Board Member, and Accredited Investor. Kevin currently serve as Advisory Board Member to Moxey and as Mentor to two Startups at NewChip and students at Constructor University.

Today We Talked About

  • Kevin’s background
  • Listening
  • Identity Management
  • OpenSource
  • CyberSecurity
  • Password Managers
  • AI security
  • Quantum Computing


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