AGL 171: Amplify your Job Search with Jeffrey Ton

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August 21, 2020
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September 4, 2020

AGL 171: Amplify your Job Search with Jeffrey Ton

Jeffrey S Ton

About Jeff

Amplify Job Your SearchJeff Ton is a sought-after leadership speaker, author, and explorer, having led powerful teams and built successful IT departments for over thirty years. He is the author of Amplify Your Value (2018) and hosts the podcast Status Go. As a frequent keynote speaker, he has explored topics related to the evolving IT landscape and the changing role of the CIO.
Jeff served in various roles with Thomson Multimedia (RCA) for over fourteen years. He then guided technology and business strategy as chief information officer for Lauth Property Group and later for Goodwill Industries of Central & Southern Indiana. Until early in 2020, Jeff was senior vice president of product and strategic alliances at InterVision. There he thrived on developing people while driving the company’s product strategy, service vision, and strategic approach.
Throughout his career, Jeff has mentored, coached, and guided hundreds of professionals in their careers. His strategies of first looking to self, building a strong professional network, defining what makes a dream job, and then locating that dream job have enabled countless professionals to find their dream jobs.
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